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Get to know the photographer


 Natasha is a graduate from Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, MI. Photography has been a passion of hers since 2010.  She believes in many social justice projects, as her photos will tell you. When not fighting to change the world she enjoys taking portraits of the cosplay community. She would love to talk about working with you in either of these fields. Please, don't hesitate to contact her. 

Why Natasha?


Natasha has done photography for about ten years. When she graduated from high school she proceeded to follow her dream to become a photographer. Natasha has done multiple charity events with her photography including U of M Life Images, and a Saving SuperBella fundraiser. Natasha tries to give a voice to the less fortunate through her photography. Natasha makes sure that her clients are happy and her work is proficient. 

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Who is Jean Williams?

Jean Williams Photography was named after two important women in my life. My mother, whose middle name was Jean, and my grandmother, whose maiden name was Williams. Both women were amazingly strong until they succumbed to their illnesses. Both women pushed me to do my best and follow my dreams, This is the product of their support.

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